Sexting, sex toys, virtual sex and self-pleasure with official ‘permission’

Due to the coronavirus, the Ministry of Health recommended avoiding sex with a stranger. And he advised resorting to sexting (virtual sex), sex toys and masturbation. Expert advice for safe and responsible sex

In the presentation of the daily report on the evolution of Covid-19   in Argentina, the infectious disease doctor José Barletta pointed out that the prophylactic measure of avoiding face-to-face contact includes sexual encounters with people with whom one does not live.  In that sense, the specialist pointed out that there are a lot of online applications to meet people, tools such as video calls and virtual sex, he added.

After recommending sexting and masturbation, he insisted on the importance of properly sanitizing keyboards, cell phones and sex toys that are used. All this is because, as he acknowledged, there is still little information on how the coronavirus can be transmitted during sex.

Sex and coronavirus

As a result of the growing concerns and queries that Argentines express through social networks to specialists about the coronavirus and sexuality,  a group of sexologists, gynecologists, psychologists and sexual communicators decided to join together to clear up doubts on their Instagram platform under the hashtag #sexualidadycoronavirus.

You can continue kissing and having sex with a stable partner unless you have traveled to countries at risk have had contact with an infected person, have symptoms or do not live together. In the case of those who are going through quarantine alone, he agrees that it is important to refrain from having intimate contact with people with whom you do not live. In this situation, sex toys can become the best allies to continue enjoying sexuality alone or with a stranger at a distance.

What is sexting or virtual sex?

The experts define sexting as a practice of sexuality at a distance that also serves to innovate, get out of the routine and awaken eroticism through the sending and receiving of messages, videos or photographs with erotic and sexual content. You can go for the sex chat for free now.

To practice responsible sexting, they recommend taking into account:

It is essential to send erotic messages, videos or photos only if there is mutual consent. If any of the parties does not agree, it should not be done.

Appearances can be deceiving: Do not start this practice with strangers or people we hardly know through an application or a social network to avoid the risk of leaking videos, photos or messages. It is essential to have extreme confidence and security with whom we will be sexting.

Better safe than sorry: Take precautions. Submit images or videos that do not show your face, birthmarks, tattoos, marks, or distinctive moles on your body. If there is no consent, there is abuse:  This happens when you receive sexual messages, videos or photos from a person without having previously and explicitly approved it.