The Erotic Video Correspondence As You Know It

Previously, even among psychologists there was an opinion that erotic correspondence is characteristic of people prone to risky behavior (they also practice unprotected sex, drug use, etc.). However, recent studies of the University of Drexel (Philadelphia, USA) have radically changed public opinion in this regard. The survey involved 870 Americans (57.7% of them are women) aged 18 to 82 years, three quarters of them were in a permanent relationship. It turned out that the exchange of erotic messages is an incredibly widespread, and not at all marginal, practice. 87.8% of respondents have ever been involved in it, and 82.2% during the last year. You can  click here to have a proper idea.

According to studies , SMS love at a distance does not lose its position with the older generation, and young people choose messengers for erotic communication: Tinder, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram and even Facebook and Instagram (which, after Snepchat introduced the function of “one-time” photos that burn immediately after viewing by the recipient).


For me personally, it’s a mystery why, with the development of sexuality education, photos of a member sent to direct photos continue to be popular from a bay-flounder. Apparently, there is something primitively ritual for men in this. We remind you that in sexting, as in any kind of sex, prelude is important. Start from afar, slowly builds up excitement, and then, if you really want to, there was a picture of the genitals. It is very advisable to clarify before sending whether your partner wants to see this? Most often, true sexuality lies in understatement and secret. Take photographs of body lines in the darkness, goosebumps, a silhouette in a fogged bathroom mirror, your face after an orgasm is much hotter than a farm laid out in daylight on a plaid from Ikea.

A great option for sexting for intellectuals is to exchange erotic stories describing fantasies. If you do not consider yourself talented in the literary genre, write short but honest messages. For example: “I can’t stop thinking about the seductive lines of your body.” “If only you could see what I’m wearing.” “I want to meet you on the doorstep, pull off your pants and kneel before you like a submissive slave.” “Mmm, it’s getting harder and harder for me to sit in a meeting, but I pray you – go ahead!”

Phone sex: how it works

The ability to talk about sex aloud, according to family psychotherapists and sexologists, is the skill of all happy couples. Well, if you were in a relationship at a distance, then God himself ordered to try sex on the phone. Exciting telephone conversation is a great option not only to overcome the longing for a partner, but also to saturate the proximity with new shades.